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If you have a flat roof in need of repair, waterproofing or replacement, a GRP fibreglass roofing system maybe just what you need.

The GRP fibreglass system is a new generation of flat roofing which provides the answer to the age-old problem of leaking felt roofs. Fibreglass is a permanent guaranteed solution to fix all flat roofing problems because its seamless system eliminates every problem (and the short life span of traditional felt & bitumen materials) associated with flat roofs.

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We've been providing fibreglass roofing in Leeds for over a decade. Fibreglass roofing is one of our most popular roofing systems and it's easy to see why.

  • GRP roofing has a very long life expectancy - 30 years or more
  • It is exceptionally strong and has a very durable finish
  • We apply it cold so there's no smelly, dangerous bitumen
  • It will form and mould around unusual shapes
  • Perfect if you want a really economical flat roofing solution
  • Best of all, it's a fully maintenance free solution

Our expert tradesmen will create a smooth, even roofing surface for you that is impermeable to the weather and long lasting.

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If your flat roof is suffering with leaks, is getting old or you just think it's time for a new roof, give us a call and we'll explain the benefits of GRP fibreglass to you and offer a free no obligation cost estimate. Call us today on Leeds 0113 370 9075.

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