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Flat roof

tick-r.pngBuilt up felt roofing in Leeds

If you're in Leeds and have a leaking or ageing flat roof which needs repairing or replacing, a built up felt system can often work out to be the best option.

Recent improvements in material technology means that a well fitted flat roof, made up with layers of felt, can be the most affordable solution to your flat roofing needs. The fitting is done with years of experience to ensure that it is long lasting and attractive.

star-r.pngSeveral reasons to choose built up felt

Although you have numerous choices when it comes to the materials available for a flat roof, built up felt comes with its own set of unique benefits

  • Built up felt has an extremely high melting point, meaning it's excellent for south facing roofs or areas where the sun shines strongly
  • Its simplicity means that a built up felt roof is extremely affordable - often coming in at a fraction of the price of other roofing systems
  • Don't be fooled. When constructed correctly, a built up felt roof will last every bit as long as other flat roofing materials
  • Because of the way it's constructed, its strength means that it is very durable and highly resistant to rips and tears
  • It's an ideal solution to cover small roofs, such as bay windows, or for larger installations, such as garages

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If your flat roof is suffering with leaks, is getting old or you just think it's time for a new roof, we'll happily explain the benefits of a well constructed built up felt roof. We offer a free no obligation quotations across Leeds. Call us on 0113 370 9075.

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