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Chimney Repair

trowel-r.pngChimney repairs in Leeds

Your chimney is possibly one of the most hardworking parts of your house and years of smoke and soot can lead your chimney into disrepair. Not only that, but your chimney gets the brunt of the elements all year round. Don't despair. We have been providing chimney repairs in Leeds for well over ten years and have an efficient team waiting for your call.

tick-r.pngWhatever your chimney needs, call the specialists

  • We repair all chimney pointing
  • External re-builds for unsafe chimneys
  • Chimney cowls fitted and replaced
  • Restorations of ageing chimneys
  • Lead flashing repairs carried out

We offer a fast service and promise chimney repairs in Leeds at prices you can afford!

estimates-r.pngFree estimates for chimney repairs and repointing

Before you rush out and spend a load of money on rebuilding your chimney, why not call us for an inspection and free quote. We won't charge you if we come round and inspect your chimney. All your chimney may need is some simple repointing - just give us a call and we'll happily discuss your requirements with you.

Not only will this save you money and hassle in the short term, but with skilled repointing the lifespan of your chimney can be extended considerably.

  • Critical for maintaining your chimney
  • Our team are highly experienced
  • We do free inspections and quotes for all repairs

For all your chimney stack repairs and repointing needs call us on 0113 370 9075.

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